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From the President of IPCA for all chess players

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the fifth President of the IPCA

The IPCA Federation is international chess organization which unites physically disabled chess fans. The life story of each disabled athlete is unique and based on each such story you can write a book. The chess game is for them a contraposition for disease and endless overcoming its, tireless perseverance and love of life. Chess players are creative and inventive. For 3-4 hours, during classic chess game, on the chessboard it take places a micro-model of combat operation, where ingenuity and resourcefulness play an important role, along with the ability to predict the opponent's moves and calculate own moves in advance. Of course, sometimes there are dramas on the chessboard. But the life without drama does not happen. Chess is one of the few sports where a disabled person competes equally with a healthy one , where the same sports standards are applied as in a healthy sport, where ratings are also assigned and international titles are awarded. Without any differences! It's important. A disabled person always wants to forget about his or her disability, and the chess world gives him or her this opportunity! And the task of our organization is to arrange for the disabled chess players their the working space which are the chess competitions.