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We invite everyone to celebrate the chess holiday at the Board and train our Olympic team!


Dear members of the chess community,

As you know, the Chess Olympiad is the most popular FIDE event, attended by thousands of people, including players, coaches, officials, and spectators. The mission of Chess Olympiads is not only to determine the sportive results, but also to popularize our game and unite chess lovers around the world in this truly global sports festival.

At the same time, FIDE is deeply concerned about the growing COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on people’s lives. Taking into account the reports from the World Health Organisation (WHO) indicating the constant increase in the number of cases worldwide, and given today’s IOC statement regarding the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games, FIDE has decided to postpone the 44th Chess Olympiad (including the competition for players with disabilities) and the FIDE Congress.

These events, to be held in Moscow and Khanty-Mansiysk during the summer of 2020, are rescheduled to the summer of 2021 at the same locations. FIDE will continue to work hard in order to support various chess activities, at the same time caring first and foremost about the health and well-being of the entire chess community.

FIDE Council
March 24, 2020.

Dear chess friends!

Happy New Year!

May all your dreams come true next year!

The outgoing year has brought many new events in our chess life. We had 1st IPCA Rapid and Blitz Championship. We participated in 1st Confederations Cup in Turkey.

Next year we will hold the 20th IPCA Individual World Championship from June 1st to 9th in Ashdod (Israel). We will be held the World Championship in rapid and blitz from October 5th to 10th. And of course, we will prepare for the World Chess Olympiad in Moscow.

I wish all athletes fruitful training, and their trainers, families patience and understanding. Dear coaches, parents, spouses, friends, the victories of athletes largely depend on you.

IPCA President

Svetlana Gerasimova

Dear IPCA members!

A year has passed since my election as president of IPCA. During this time, a lot of work has been done to improve the activities of IPCA. I will report the results of which to the congress.

I ask you to familiarize yourself with all the documents on our website. I ask you to prepare your opinion on the agenda of the congress.

I hope that the congress in Ruzomberok will be held at a high organizational level and will be a big step forward for our organization.

IPCA president, Svetlana Gerasimova

The IPCA Federation is international chess organization which unites physically disabled chess fans. The life story of each disabled athlete is unique and based on each such story you can write a book. The chess game is for them a contraposition for disease and endless overcoming its, tireless perseverance and love of life. Chess players are creative and inventive. For 3-4 hours, during classic chess game, on the chessboard it take places a micro-model of combat operation, where ingenuity and resourcefulness play an important role, along with the ability to predict the opponent’s moves and calculate own moves in advance. Of course, sometimes there are dramas on the chessboard. But the life without drama does not happen. Chess is one of the few sports where a disabled person competes equally with a healthy one , where the same sports standards are applied as in a healthy sport, where ratings are also assigned and international titles are awarded. Without any differences! It’s important. A disabled person always wants to forget about his or her disability, and the chess world gives him or her this opportunity! And the task of our organization is to arrange for the disabled chess players their the working space which are the chess competitions.

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